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Gulp DragonDawn gets a fresh start.
I flew for countless years. In a fog of despair I could only think of how helpless and cowardly I had been despite my untold power. Helpless because I failed to save a single soul and cowardly because I flew away instead of avenging their deaths. Finally, my strength gave out and I plowed into a new land and slept for a few billion years.

I awoke to a thought-speak conversation. I realized some things right away. First was that they were a Dragon and her rider. Secondly they were intentionally letting me in on thrir conversation! Knowing I was among friends, I adjusted myself from mountain to castle size for the human's sake. After the usual formalities, I understood that Galbatorix was gone and they were looking for ways to train new riders and dragons. (I knew their history the moment I awoke, but it would have been awkward to explain that since I had been asleep since before the first rider. It's a thing I can do.)

I addressed them. "Eragon Shadeslayer and Saphira Brightscales. You clearly know who and what I am. Why seek me, a fallen King and defeated warrior?"

Saphira replied in the Ancient Language, Because we are the heirs of the first dragon and rider Because we are your alies. But most of all because the Origin Dragon our father had one other egg besides yours." I'm your sister.
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