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Is the Vile Evil? Watch out, she may lure you to your death with her melodious song.
What is this bewitching song? Who is singing so sweet?
I squint into the mist; I'm feeling this odd connection -
Who’s that splish-splashing in the lake? My heart misses a beat
The black water ripples and glistens from the moon’s reflection.

I spot a figure shimmering in the water’s icy flow,
Her eerie, sweet song weaves around me, beckons me forward,
The moonlight shows the nymph's long blond strands floating all aglow,
Beckoning, "Join me,’ A phantom sigh strikes just the right chord.

I wonder, Is this fair maiden evil? Skin’s white as cream,
Why does her pure playful enchantment beckon me closer?

Trees rustle as if to say, ‘No! Do not go, it’s a scheme!’
But I'm so drawn towards her. Everything becomes a blur!

Scores of arms drag me down into the lake’s darkening depths,
Vile's many snakes surround me - choking off my last breath.

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