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Just sitting here thinking.
We often say, stop and smell the rose (coffee, flowers, etc.), but do we ever take our advice?

Until I stepped out of my public elected role, I thought I was taking time to smell the flowers, coffee, roses, etc., but I was stopping one thing for another.

Today, I take time to smell the flowers, coffee, roses, etc. Then, I spend time on my front porch watching the trees blow in the wind. I watch the sunset. I have a couple of doves that love eating off of the front porch, and I watch them.

I watch movies and binge on some of the series that I am being introduced to by the grandchildren.
I just ordered a new popcorn machine -- haven't had one of those since the first set of grands left home, and the oldest one returned to burn it up with daily, nightly, and weekly popcorn treats. Then there are those hours I spend on video chats with the grands -- hours I would not trade for anything in the world.

AND, yes, there are those hours on end that friends pop over and I pop out a bottle of Moscato, and we just sit, sip, talk, gossip, and sometimes just people watch as folks pass by on the sidewalk.

I am also no longer responsible! I never knew that feeling. I have been responsible for something or someone since I was seven (7) years old. Gosh, now, if I can just get rid of my house, my car, my RV, and just be a hobo across the country for a few years! LOL, I guess that will come with time.

I am NOT an outdoor kind of person, so I will not be going camping and live out underneath the stars, but I indeed used to enjoy my backyard and look forward to enjoying it again.

With my sight being what it is, I am a little nervous about just backing that RV out and hitting the open road, but if I stumble upon a driver that is willing to be FREE, who knows?

Lessons to remember
1) Being housebound has its limits, and the ability to walk out your front door when you want to is priceless.
2) Appreciate your "me" time because you can get to know yourself if that is all you have to depend on.
3) Those who love you will take care of you regardless of the risk to themselves.
4) Family is sometimes all you have, and you should learn to appreciate them during the good times so when the bad times come, they will be there.
5) Needs are universal and do not discriminate.
6) Hunger is a common denominator.
7) Do not judge the book by its cover. You may be deceived.
8 Kindness returns ten-folds and never from where you expected it.
9) Zoom meetings will consume your very life.
10) The bad times are going to come, but the good times never leave you. You just can't appreciate them at the moment.

With that being said, just enjoy today and let it take you where it may!

Peace and blessings always to you and yours.
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