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how my mind and I battled back
My mind is a powerful place
So powerful I nearly lost my battle with it
It used to break me down
I was a ruined city for a while
Every time I tried to rebuild, I got torn down

I had a long talk with my bruised brain
And we decided to get better
It didn’t take overnight because healing takes time
Depression tried to lure me back in
I couldn’t be a ruined city anymore
I wasn’t going to be defined by sadness
That isn’t who I am inside

I’m a warrior who’s lost some battles but I come back to fight another day
I’m not defined by my past
I’m defined by my kindness
I’m not defined by my tears
I’m defined by my battle scars
I’m not defined by sleepless nights
I’m defined by waking up to each new dawn

I’m capable of much more than anyone imagined
You call me weak but do you know how many demons I’ve faced?
Do not judge me for my scars
I’m more powerful than you know
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