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A nation divided against itself cannot survive, we are living this now.
Two Americas

Clutching their diamonds and pearls,
afraid “those people” will take them today,
Constitutional freedoms will unfurl,
hard earned dollars seen floating away!

Oh, lonesome me, they cry out.
Lobbyists are losing their clout.
Our country is lost beyond doubt.
The Bible, flag, decency tossed out.

Rioters and thieves out to score,
run in the streets of Baltimore.
Insist January 6 wasn’t Insurrection Day.
Decent people can’t speak up and pray.

“This isn’t how democracy works,
Socialism lays ahead with these jerks”
They don’t seem to know how close,
we could plunge off a safe liberty boat.

People, people calm down!
Patriots exist on both sides.
We were hypnotized by a crowned clown.
Now we are divided by false pride.

I believe we agree on main points.
Let’s talk about our real lives.
Solve common complaints easily joined.
Otherwise our country won’t thrive.

Division is a terrible sin.
One we seem to be stuck in.
President Lincoln would be dismayed
by ridiculous claims of disarray.

Are we hanging a sign for the world to see,
on America, always true blue and proud to be?
Says: “Gone Fishin again”, constitution gone with democracy.
Giving up on equality, all dreams are hypocrisy.

We have a wise President for all people.
He cares for the poor, sick, young and old.
Reaches his hand across the aisle.
Let’s give him a chance for awhile!

By Kathie Stehr
July 8,2021
36 lines

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