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Just a quick poem about a big problem I have. Kind of a way to jot out my problems.
I’m sorry,
The words a whisper, a wisp,
A secret buried deep,
A small little wish,

Words engraved into my soul,
Worn in from overuse,
Naturally there,
Each word hits and forms a bruise,

Some may ask why in the beginning,
But when it’s muttered profusely,
They turn away in annoyance,
And in sorrow, I turn as well to flee,

I’ve learned that anything slightly different,
Anything abnormal, unusual,
Are a flaw and a weakness,
A critique increased to be ever so brutal,

I know that most,
Would never be mad,
At the way I truly am,
But even with that fact I feel so sad,

You give me something great,
But in place of thank you, I say sorry,
For the burden of my presence,
The waste of space for my body,

I know thank you is better than an apology,
And sorry ends up not working when used too much,
But I really feel terrible,
Each feeling like a punch,

People tell me that I don’t have to say sorry,
Or thank you so often,
But it’s a habit now since other people's talents and personalities are far better,
And mine nonexistent and awful,

So I thank and apologize,
Hoping to communicate with you,
The wonderful person you can be,
The way you make me feel like I can be someone too,

I’m am sorry,
For my faults, my mistakes,
For you having to do this,
For you having to heal all my breaks.
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