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by bas
Rated: E · Short Story · Contest Entry · #2254843
Machined decide to take over
“Is there no way to turn them off ?” Suri’s voice shook with fear, as he ran behind Geet following her to the only safety bunker left in the building.
“We had put in fail safes, but they have found a way to override them”

Geet pulled the huge door shut, locking them with massive mechanical locks.

“These“ Suri wiped the sweat off his forehead as he looked at the small group of people huddled on makeshift beds in the room '' were all who could make it ? “
“Yes Sir” Geet looked dejectedly at Suri and then at the handful of scientists in the room.

“They were supposed to be machines built to work for us, how did we let them become their own masters? “
“They were just machines,until we added the RSAP program into them” one of the scientists replied
“The Robot Self Awareness Program ? “ Suri looked at the scientist in shock “Had we not shut it down more than a decade ago ? “

“No, I was working on it, on directions from the management.” A voice from the end of the room added.
“Why Sahil ?“ Suri’s disbelief at Sahil’s response knew no bounds “We had vetted that program to be too risky to be put to use.”
“Yes” Sahil displaying no signs of fear “I had agreed it was risky, but I did not agree to shut it down. It was you who decided to shut it down.”
“Can’t you see now why? “ Suri pointed towards the door.

“You know the army of reinforcements will be here any minute and they will end this in a few seconds, so please don’t start lecturing me”
“This time we will be saved Sahil, but RASP is self preserving, it will strike back at the very first opportunity it gets.”

Written for
Daily Flash Fiction Challenge  (13+)
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2254843-Aware-Machines