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Daily Flash Fiction 7/18/21 W/C 300


“Go away. Get lost.”

“Let me in. I need something,” whispered Andy.

“Whatever, it can wait.”

“But I really need stuff for school.”

“Tough luck. Tell the teacher the dog ate it.” Ralph growled.

“Ralph, let me in.”

“Tell them I’m not here.”

“But you are, I can hear you.”

The standoff in front of the bedroom door went on for an hour. It was almost time for the bus.

“Boys, the bus is coming.” Mom yelled up the stairs.

“Mom, Ralph won’t let me in. I need my track shoes and backpack.”

Galloping up the stairs, Mom knocked on the bedroom door.

“Ralph, enough. Let Andy in.” She wiggled the door knob.

“NO, he’ll ruin it all.”

Andy and Mom could hear rustling, something was moving around.

“Ralph, open the door.”

“I can’t. It won’t let me.” More noises in the bedroom.

“I’m going to get help.” Quick as anything Mom ran outside to Mr. Williams next door.

Soon between Mr. Williams, Mom, and Andy they got the bedroom door open. Ralph sat on his bed. He was playing cards with a large gorilla.

“What in the world…Ralph? How’d a gorilla get in here?”

The gorilla wore Andy’s track shoes and backpack.

“Through the window last night. His name’s Fred.”

Fred waved, threw a card at Ralph.

“Not that one, Fred. Now the game’s ruined.” Ralph glanced up at the trio. “He doesn’t know how to play poker.”

“I don’t even want to know.” Mr. Williams left.

“MOM! Now I have to get new shoes, and a new backpack. Mr. Nelson will never believe a gorilla ate my homework,” Andy whined.

The school bus sounded its horn, they were late, a gorilla in the bedroom.

Mom shut the door. Was it too early to drink rum and coke?

W/C 300

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