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Daily Flash Fiction 7/17/21 W/C 208

Hanky Panky

We checked into the motel room about 9 PM. That long road trip was a killer. This room was the last one in Zortman, Montana. Population 69. The Lazy J had a single queen. Who knew rooms would be so hard to find.

Judy laid down, instantly fell asleep.

On the side of the bed was a slot machine. Hey ho, what was this?

‘Automatic massage. Insert 25 cents.’ I dug out a quarter, put it in the slot.

The bed bucked like a bronco, threw Judy into the air. She let out a whoop, landed on the floor.

In a few moments we heard pounding on the door. I gingerly opened it a crack.

“Hey there, no hanky panky in our rooms, hear?” yelled the manager.

“No sir. Just trying out the massage feature on the bed. It seems a bit touchy.”

“Well, then, just let that be a lesson to you.” He stomped away.

I helped Judy off the floor. We started to giggle, fell back into the now still bed.

“No hanky panky now, lady.”

“Now Mr. Williams, I do declare, this is not that type of motel.”

We tried to keep the noise down the rest of the night, so we wouldn’t disturb management.

W/C 208

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