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This is a poem about how our society failed.
It's a world of numbers,
Supposedly smaller is better,
A universe of measuring tape and scales,
When did we lose everything altogether?

It's a life of eyes,
It's a world where things you never chose,
Are your fault forever,
It's the way things work, I suppose,

If you can't fit into the smallest size,
If you don't fit the mould,
If your size is a tad too big,
All your options are closed,

It's a world where the normal isn't normal,
And beautiful people aren't beautiful,
Because they wear a size larger than small,
You're told you aren't suitable,

Maybe you cry at your reflection,
I know I do,
At the fat squishing out from beneath my swimsuit,
Even if it is natural, all the way through,

I'm hardwired to hate myself,
Just because I can't see my ribs clearly,
The world raised me wrong,
My body hurting me severely,

Where it should be brains over the body,
Where your personality should trump numbers on a scale,
Where even though everybody is beautiful we can't see it,
This society has a ginormous fail,

Look at your achievements,
Your personality, your family and friends,
Does none of this matter,
Over the way your body bends?
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