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A poetic look at how even science can be formed to be a religion.
Even science can't escape it
The cults that wane, subliminal
That statement, "Because science"
The absence of thinking critical
Just another damning faith
For a different type of imbecile
A religion corrupting facts
To conjuring up the mythical

No focus on the factual
Time to hypnotize
Agenda of the politic
With misinforming lies
Fear will draw submission
The source of their demise
Power ever increasing
To an evil enterprise

Never questioning their masters
That form all their opinions
Indoctrinated thoroughly
The apex of religion
A cult of personality
A devoted coalition
All parroting the edict
Like the cooing of a pigeon

A flock in mind, incapable
To contemplate a thought
Outside of their religion
The impressions they were taught
Never gaining any knowledge
Simply memorized the blot
Then propagating endlessly
With the evidence of naught

The people behind the curtain
Celebrity status
Systems and institutions
Cultivated on campus
All appealing entertainment
A distraction from madness
Keep the veil upon their eyes
Until all wonder has vanished

And at that moment they are owned
They are no longer human
Just a part of a machine
That wants power and ruin
To never question the program
Is to submit to delusion
And to enact of that faith
Is but pure prostitution

But while they live in blindness
In the confinement of systems
There are some who stand out
And have refused to be victims
They won't jeopardize truth
To an imperial dictum
Instead they'll interrogate proof
And expand in their wisdom

See when it comes to religion
There is nothing that's sacred
And no matter how absurd
It will populate patrons
So you must make a choice in life
Will you allow it to be wasted
Or will you stand against the cult
Eyes open, and awakened

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