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A family mans loss of his wife.
*Our rainbow dreams wrapped within this ring of ice,
As together, we have walked proudly through this life.
*Through all the times of being hungry, frustration, tired, broken and wet,
The ways that you showed me the nice, as I ranted at the cost of our debt.
*In this our children finally raised, we have grown very old together within each others life,
You the lady, me, an old grouch, on the chairs we sit in me thinking that your the perfect wife.
*Dawn has arrived, in as the night has taken your spirit away.
I hear your voice telling me to rise and face this beautiful day.
*Growling ‘good-morning’ to you, but, did you hear me from your forever sleep
As my neighbors heard the screams of my plight, finding me a sigh heavenly weep.
*My tears shower you in the crying through our final and last kiss.
Through the children as sirens echo into the mornings hail of mist.
*Of the love we shared, never apart, as our children cry, wishing you the beats of their heart.
*knowing the day will all to soon pass, but if you call my name, from this life, to you I will dart.
*Accepting the truth through the coo of a dove, understand our children gather as they only cry.
In I am hoping in doing them right, that you lovingly guide us, watching through heaven's eye.
*And in leaving behind this family you built, I often think about our love burning out of a hurt.
And sometimes through all the tears, I question god in wonder, why you are under the dirt.
*Though, as the angel far above me sings, in swaying you to finally let go to join as a dove,
Show them, let them see your heart, in that our two soul's were once bound by our love.
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