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What do we know? About God, the universe, even about ourselves & who or what we truly are.
I ask too many questions. I'm not trying to be annoying, or contentious or even controversial. I'm just interested in people and why they believe, act and say the things they do, as if they are facts. People who believe in science, and generally atheist in ideology, claim things that I can almost guarantee will be proven incorrect in ten years from now. And those of faith, who believe, perhaps with even more conviction, can never have their ideologies proven either way. Because neither side can prove much of anything, it should be less about proof and more about accepting and facing this reality.

The Large Hadron Collider is in search of what is termed 'The God Particle'. And although this has little to do with the existence of God, it will most certainly change sciences' attitudes and theories (once again).

Once upon a time, in a cave or village, a young couple had the misfortune of losing a child. The Sharman saw their grief and, wanting to console, told them, whether in his absolute truth or because he had empathy, that one day they would be reunited. This belief had a profound effect upon those who needed something at that moment, and from then on, the debate has raged.

I don't present this situation as truth, but merely a possibility, just as the existence of God may one day be proven, or a proper understanding of the universe may one day be possible.

I have absolutely no idea if there is, or is not a higher being, but when someone tells me that they KNOW there is, based solely on teachings or the way they were raised, is condescending or even arrogant.

I have never read the bible, and I have no intention of ever doing so. My mother is a Christian and has been for a very long time. She is my sounding board...someone who I trust to give me a balanced opinion and who I can bounce my questions off. I trust her, but even someone as cynical as I am can see there is something in what she tells me, but what that something is...well, therein is where the difficulty exists, especially when speaking of God in a Christian sense.

I wonder if it is a coincidence when I joke and say things meant to tease my mom about her faith that I sometimes kick my little toe? Or perhaps it is something else altogether? It may simply be that I am clumsy, or it might just be causing a higher power to show me that I had better be careful. Or, I may be doing this to myself on some subconscious level because I know she is my mom, and it's not the right thing to do.

She prays, and I have on occasion asked her to pray for someone I know needs all the help they can get. And, I must admit that while not scientifically proven, the results can be good, but this doesn't prove that God or divine power is responsible.

We are still evolving. We know very little about what our potential is or where this will lead...a power that one day we may think of as normal. Miracles might be God, or Jesus, or whatever you like to call it, and of course, Christians will jump on this and say Hallelujah. Meditation is very similar to prayer. Something indeed happens, and it is human nature to pigeonhole things when they do.

Is it essential to understand why something works so long as it does? And in my mind, if faith gives comfort, strength or offers someone eternal life, even if that isn't necessarily true, if it provides something for those who need it, then there is no harm done. It's not about proof or answers to me. It's the questions that drive humans to observe and ponder and look into the sky at night and wonder that I see as the beauty of the human species.

How could this universe in which we find ourselves have come about? Things like time, light, gravity and distances that we cannot even begin to fathom. Even reality is beyond our present capabilities to understand and make me humble enough to say, I simply don't know what is true...and I am comfortable with that.
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