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Prep Day One - What if? for A Family's Past
What if you got a message from a trusted family member that said – come quick! Treasure awaits! But nothing more?
What if you left in a hurry, in a huge blizzard and got stuck several times on the way there?
What if you got to the family member’s town and could not get to their house, so they had to meet you by snowmobile at the local tavern?
What if you were now stranded, but needed to get to your Aunt Diane’s house in the U.P.?
What if Diane was luring you into a trap?
What if she had no choice?
What if you found out a horrible secret about your family, but had to keep it secret in order to keep your inheritance?
What if the family member who called you wanted to expose it all?
What if another blizzard came through and you could not get off the farm where Aunt Diane had sent you?
What if you knew you were in danger, but there was nothing you could do about it?
What if someone broke into the farmhouse in the middle of the night?
What if your “trusted” family member was with that person, caught trying to escape and go to the police?
What if no one knew where you were?
What if you had no idea who you could trust?
What if a five year old girl suddenly appeared in the room where you were being kept and you see her when you awaken after being beaten?
What if that girl disappears after telling you not to tell anyone she was there?
What if she seems wise far beyond her years and you believe she is not even a little girl, although she looks to be five years old?
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