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My NaNo Prep premise for my 2021 novel
The story takes place in Northern Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Trent and Keith are from northern Wisconsin, but their Aunt Diane’s cabin, and the homestead, are both in the U.P.

Trent is the main character. His cousin Keith sends him a message to come up to his house because “great fortune awaits!” The two of them used to play pirates when they were kids, so it made sense for Keith to say something like this.

Trent’s biggest flaw is he is very trusting. His cousin Keith has gotten him in a lot of trouble over the years because he is so trusting. But, at the same time, they were always the best of friends, too. Trusting everyone is Trent’s biggest flaw, but, even at the age of 28, he still has a youthful air about him due to that trust factor.

Trent would most like to have money. Some of his family has old money and some does not. He comes from the side of the family who has always worked, and worked hard, for everything they have. One of the reasons he continues to hang out with Keith is that Keith comes from that side with money. Keith is always very generous with Trent, but does still take advantage of him. Trent wants to live the life Keith lives,

The thing keeping Trent from his goal is the fact that his father was cast aside by the part of the family who has money. His father would not bow to their ways and felt his dignity and integrity meant more to him than money. He had always tried to instill that into Trent, and Trent did pick it up to some extent. But he wanted the kind of money that he felt work could not buy.

The conflict in the story will be a product of Trent’s wish to have what he sees as his part of the money of his family. He will go with Keith to the old homestead where they will both find Aunt Diane was not exactly forthcoming with a good deal of information. She needs them to kill the former owner of the homestead in order for the family to keep all of the money they have, due to a deal made two generations ago. Things will get more difficult as family members are pitted against each other.
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