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NaNo Prep Oct 4. The beginning of the story

Trent’s life before the story might be foreshawdowed – as in “Now Trent missed those boring Zoom calls that had stolen most of his daylight hours. It was better than this. Far better.”
Trent’s life before the story is as an advertising salesperson. He makes good money but finds it boring. He is one of those people who could sell anything to anyone. And he often does, whether it will help their business or not. He is out for his commission.
The incident that triggers the story is his cousin Keith’s message “Come quick. Treasure awaits.” Keith would not answer a message on the platform. He was going to keep Trent in suspense. Luckily Trent had taken that Friday off and was able to leave to head up north the next day. He would find that all treasure comes with a price.
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