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The neighbor's dog Babe is pregnant and Rubenstein is the obvious culprit.
"She's pregnant!" said the buxom Mrs. Jones to her neighbor. Hands-on hips with an angry tone, her curly hair blowing in the wind. She looked ready for a fight.

"What your daughter?..." said Mr. Creus.

Mrs. Jones noted with some satisfaction his uncomfortable look and the beads of sweat on his brow. Her deliberately raised voice had also alerted other neighbors who pleasingly started appearing at windows. Mr. Johannsen across the road actually came outside ostensibly to 'check on his car.' Good, she thought, I have some witnesses to this, now I am going to make him suffer...

"No you idiot, Babe our Boxer and it was your dog Rubenstein that did it," said Mrs. Jones.

"Well, how would you know that?" said Mr. Creus.

Mrs. Jones noticed the sweat was really starting to gather now on Mr. Creus's forehead.

"Because I have seen his balls and watched him doing walkies eying up all the girl dogs in the neighborhood. He's been on heat for ages and I told you to chop them off. He has been trying to smell Babes arse for months now." said Mrs. Jones.

Mr. Creus swallowed at that. Rubenstein at his side, his brown fur close to Mr. Creus's leg, seemed to sense he was in trouble and moved to hide behind the leg. Mrs. Jones directed a withering look at the dog which elicited a small whine.

"Now let's not be hasty," said Mr. Creus. He looked down with a look of concern at the grey Boxer by Mrs. Jones's own leg.

Both dogs were on a tight leash and Babe started to bark. But Mrs. Jones's voice sounded over the din using the extra noise to drag the neighborhood further into the drama.

"Hasty! Just wait until my daughter finds out, she will have your balls for breakfast."

"What the hot one?..."

Mrs. Jones watched Mr. Creus's face change to one of horror as if he had just realized he had actually said that out loud.

"You leering old perv, eying up my daughter heh! While your brown turd of a dog is raping my beautiful Babe. Maybe I should sue your arse, you dirty old man, and tell Jane's boyfriend what you just said about Jane. That guy is a street fighter if ever I saw one. Now let me see, there is also a failure to keep your dog under control..."

"Wait a minute I have not broken any laws here, while every time you take that grey soundbox outside it barks like a crazy creature disturbing the peace. It barks at everybody and sometimes you even take it out at night and it barks then, look it is barking now. You know that that kind of disturbance is breaking the law. I could sue you you know but I have been a good neighbor and an understanding neighbor about that."

"Oh really what about pooping without picking up?" said Mrs. Jones wagging her finger furiously her chest swelling with the exertion. A button popped at the top of her blouse as her tantrum reached new heights. Mr. Creus's eyes involuntarily stared down her cleavage. She saw his eyes drop and in a moment she went silent with a quiet smile.

Mr. Creus, recognizing his mistake, looked at her now with a terrified face as Mrs. Jones realized she had him on the ropes.

"So you seem to have a thing for the Jones women. You cannot keep your eyes off my breasts, you think my daughter is hot," her voice was getting stronger and stronger and louder and louder with each word, "and your dog raped my dog!" said Mrs. Jones.

"It is not rape, it is a dog for crying out loud let us get it into perspective," replied Mr.Creus.

"Oh, right boys will be boys, hey! you think it is fine sowing your oats amongst all and sundry, well let me tell you that the Jones women come armed with scissors from now on and Rubenstein's balls are coming off," yelled Mrs. Jones. Then she gave him such a black look that he ran back into the house and shut the door. Moments later his worried face appeared at the window to check to see if she was still there.


Mrs. Jones's daughter Jane, was sitting outside the vets looking in through the window. Inside, Babe was still in labor and had been for some twelve hours now. Jane could see her mum was strolling up and down in the waiting room through the outside window.

Jane went and joined her mum in the vets. Mrs. Jones was looking excited.

"The vet just said the first one is coming and that we can stand on the side if we are quiet."

The women went into the room. Babes yelping and whining were quite heartbreaking to both of them. As they watched, with some emotion, she started to push the first puppy out. Spellbound they saw the puppy's head emerging from the vagina. It took a few minutes to complete the process. Then as they both looked at each other with puzzled expressions it was Jane that raised the obvious dilemma.

"But I do not understand, the puppy is black."


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