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nightfuries have escaped / released by Innocence herself / what lessons will they teach
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Nightfuries have escaped
released by Innocence herself.
What lessons will they teach?

Dark frightful angels salivate,
to feed off angst and anger, feast,
replace it with despair.

What tendrils of their hair
will wrap around our childhood tears
as we toss and turn tonight?

What lessons must be learned
before the Madrugada1 bows
to wisps of Innocence at Dawn.

Nightfuries hunt till break of day
then hide in coffined corners of our psyche,
released again when stars come out

to rule our skies with fright.

© Kåre Enga [171.252] (17.oktober.2021)

16 lines
Dark Dreamscapes Poetry Contest  (13+)
Round 48 Open December 2021.
#1971713 by 🌑 Darleens lost in the Dark

1  Madrugada: the period between 'late at night' and 'early in the morning' (Spanish)

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