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It was Chores-day and chores needed to be done! Harry had a wand and plan.
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Harry does his chores

It was Chores-day and chores needed to be done. Harry looked for a wand and began to plan.

With the mop as his horse Harry galloped round his room, wetting the floor and leaving it clean.

Then he wielded the hairbrush and groomed his sister Sally's steed. Now Fluffy was clean.

He tossed a stick at the sky and it opened up with a crack of thunder. Fluffy wagged his tail as he brought it back.

Tired, Harry set down and grabbed a pen like a sword as stabbed a blank piece of paper and wrote Aunt Orabelle a letter of thanks.

Next he waved Mom's knife until it blossomed with butter and spread it on bread for his littlest brother.

Now the broom was his bicycle roaring up and down the hall, collecting the litter as his best friend Tigger yelled, "Good job."

His toys cheered him on but now the hose to the vacuum cleaner needed to put out a fire and they blocked the way. Harry rescued them and put them gently back in their box.

He picked up Wanda-the-Witch. She was holding a wand. He grabbed a wet towel and helped her wave away fly-specks from the windows.

Harry was almost done! The duster flew into his hand. She was a parrot who hated dust. They both chattered and squawked until the last mote was banished from the books.

So many wands! So much magic! Harry's mother looked on and laughed at his antics as chores got done without her asking.

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~255 words
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