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by Mac1
Rated: E · Poetry · Inspirational · #2262827
Those days of yesterday ...
Once there was a day,
It seems so far away.
If I had only known I could not stay,
and that day would soon be yesterday.

Now in the moment I reside,
I am beholden to what I’ve learned.
No longer may I play,
In that day so far away.

Those days of yesterday,
have forged my life today.

If I could tell him to stay strong,
although this realm is full of wrong.
If I could show him who he’s to be,
Instead of the pain for things he’d see.

If I could show him not to follow those who take
and learn to appreciate the things we make.
If I could show him to let go of those who smear,
And not adhere to those who domineer.

If I could show him how to cherish his faith,
It’s all you’ll need to accomplish your chosen fate.

Those days of yesterday,
I did not know I could not stay.
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