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A chilly poem written using the Lai form for The Poet's Place group.
snow fell in the night
the cold hard did bite
then frost

it made worse his plight
he had to sit tight
such cost

try hard as he might
to keep fire alight
he lost

Written using the Lai form for the Poet's Place group

The Poet's Place   (E)
Poets can discuss, review, request reviews, etc. of their unique form of writing.
#1937699 by Dave

The elements of the Lai as verse form are:

1. a narrative, tells a story.
2. usually a nonet, 9 lines made up of 3 tercets. It can be a hexastich made up of 2 tercets. (When written in 9 lines is can also be called a Bergerette or a Viralai stanza.)
3. rhymed, rhyme scheme aab aab aab.
4. syllabic, syllables per line are 5-5-2 5-5-2 5-5-2
5. Tradition states that the short line must not be indented; it must be left dressed to the poem, a technique known as "arbre fourchu", (forked tree), meant to suggest the appearance of a tree.

Source: https://www.poetrymagnumopus.com/topic/686-lai-family-of-forms-lai-lai-nouveauky...
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