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A beautiful night for Zuko and his wonderful dream
The festivities were over, the night was clear, and people were resting. A new era had begun and there were questions about the new Fire Lords bride, first he had to fix the problems that were going on in the world before that happened, but for Zuko himself, he was in heaven. As he drifted off to sleep, he thought about everything he'd been through with his friends, all the dangers and all the fears and the love he had for Mai... Zuko saw an interesting sky despite him being inside, which allowed him to instantly know he was dreaming, he then looked up and saw four beautiful and sexy women covered in red robes and their faces instantly identifiable: Mai, Ty Lee, Jin, and Katara.

Zuko was smart enough to understand what was going on and slightly blushed as he stared directly at the four of them, he then beckoned Ty Lee to come to him, she carefully and sexily walked over to him and removed his pants revealing his penis, which she slowly began to lick and make it stronger and bigger, after 2 minutes, Zuko made her stop and then beckoned Jin to come over and use her large breasts to rub against his chest, after she had completed her task, he beckoned Mai to make out with him; after 1 minute of making out he commanded all of them to leave his room and to go to the hot-springs, except for Katara. The group left leaving the two of them alone.

Katara sexily walked over to Zuko and leapt into his outstretched arms and their tongues collided with each other as they disrobed, with his penis brushing up against her vagina, Zuko then pushed Katara onto the bed and the two began to have very ferocious sex with each other which made the entire bed rock and creak. After Zuko finished inside Katara, both of them were catching their breaths when Zuko decided to try something out.
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