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Thought something would go my way but didn't
I thought for sure that I was going to ace my test. I studied for weeks before, I made flashcards, and I even tutored my friend on it. As I left math class, knowing my score, I felt like throwing up. An 89? I got a B+? I thought for sure that there was some misunderstanding, but as I looked at the questions I got wrong, I saw my mistakes. How foolish I was, not to check my work! I was too cocky, too sure of myself, positive that I would get 100%, because of all that time I put into studying, that I didn't even double check, or make sure I was slowing down and doing my math correctly. My friend that I tutored got 100%, but she did not know that I did not. She was so happy, it made me mad. Just like salt in the wound. I walked without a purpose, going through the routine of my day, doing everything normal, but not tasting my lunch, not hearing my friends joke, not even feeling the pain when I fell off my bike, going home. I went upstairs to my room in tears, everything went wrong today! I prayed to Jesus, hoping to find some clarity, and after some time, I realized that it was not the end of the world. I could possibly get a re-take. And, I would learn from my mistakes as well. The test was only 15% of my grade. As I consoled myself, I went downstairs to eat ice cream and text my friend congrats for doing so well on her test.
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