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Rated: E · Prose · Comedy · #2265922
For Writer's Cramp Prompt: A cure for writer's cramp

Ink pen clenched in her scribbling right hand
Why, it's a cinch! She's in command
Fast and furious words pour out
While Kitty sits lonely his face in a pout
There's just no time for rubbing fur
When words keep coming in a whir
There's just no room for a cat's meow
With sweat now dripping from her brow
Chasing her task with heart and soul
Telling the story that has to be told
On my, she muses, my hand's cramping up
I can't stop now I'm just ramping up!
It must be the dreadful writer's cramp
A condition well known in the writing camp
It comes at a time when least expected
When deadlines are looming and life is more hectic
With eyes glazed over and ears fully ringing
With fingers that ache and toes now tingling
She takes a deep breath to let it all go
Looks up from her task saying "Oh, I know!"
How silly of me to forget in my fury
There is an answer to my twenty year query
How to avoid this awful condition
That threatens to stop my current rendition
When there on my desk, "Oh my, Lord"
Is my state of the art computer keyboard
How silly I say that I suffer with pen
When tap, tap is easier than writing by hand.

Line Count - 28

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