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Uncle Miguel leaves his nephew a treasure map.
Theo's Inheritance
WC 295

The lawyer read Miguel Silva’s will. “…To my nephew, Theo, I leave my treasure map.”

After the reading, Theo clutched the map to his chest. He would hire a guide, get some gear, and find the treasure.

Two weeks later, Theo and his clueless guide fought their way through the Amazon jungle, machetes slashing.

Theo had a deadline, a fact he had not shared with anyone. He had to pay off gambling debts to a Brazilian gang leader by morning.

“I need to rest, Senor!”

“We’re close, Victor.”

Victor was overweight and plodding; he was the only guide to accept the challenge without knowing details. He sat down on the jungle floor, his brown skin glistening with sweat; he pulled out his water flask.

“I’m going on ahead, Victor. Catch up.”

Theo trudged on, machete slashing. Up ahead, he saw the structure, partially hidden by overgrowth.

“I found it, Victor. Hurry!”

Theo waited for the guide to catch up.


Had the man sensed danger and fled? Theo’s creditor was ruthless, capable of anything.

The treasure was worth millions. Thanks to Uncle Miguel, Theo could repay his debt and live like a king for the rest of his life.

He tried the knob.

The door is locked! That lawyer didn’t give me a key!

Theo hacked at the metal door with his machete; he rammed it with his body. In a panic, he checked for another entrance, for a window.


The defeated man slid down to the damp, earthen stoop, his back resting against the battered door.

Something moved through the dense vegetation.


There was no reply.

The last thing Theo saw was Victor coming toward him, the machete in one hand, a large key in the other.

Theo’s creditor followed behind the guide, gun at the ready.
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