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Rated: 18+ · Novel · Comedy · #2266112
What happens to Crystal now? Let's find out!
Crystal couldn't stop herself. She let the pies fill her belly. Soon, her bra and panties became too small. The mysterious man gently removed the bra and panties, and began to caress Crystal's towering belly. Crystal's body wasn't even distinguishable from the female anatomy. She just appeared as a large blob.

"Mmf..." she muffled, her mouth still full of pie.

The mysterious man then wheeled a wagon up with more pies, and continued the process.

Soon, Crystal's body had engulfed most of the abandoned park-- she could only see her boobs, belly, the pies, the mysterious man, and the wagon.

"H-How am I supposed to get back to work--" Crystal grunted.

"That's the neat part, you don't. You aren't going anywhere." the man replied, as he was caressing Crystal's huge thighs. Her stomach continued to growl and gurgle. There was also a bit of churning with it-- her stomach was having a hard time trying to digest all the pies.

"N-Now who are you...?" she mumbled.

"You remember me." the man answered. He removed his hood, and Crystal immediately recognized him.

"J-Jeremy?!" she asked. She had moved a bit while she said it, and her whole body jiggled like if it was some kind of giant plate of Jello. She tried her best to move her arms to put her hands over her mouth, but she couldn't. He continued to stuff Crystal's face with the pies, making her bigger. And bigger. And bigger. Until you couldn't recognize Crystal was even human anymore. She looked like some kind of blob that aliens dropped on Earth. Now Crystal was trying thinking of a way to become small again. But that would take quite a while-- and that meant she would be sitting here for a LONG time.
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