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This is a story that a friend helped me with. Enjoy!
Crystal was heading home from work when she got a call from somebody strange. She answered the phone, and heard a strange voice. "Hello..." the voice said. "Who is this?" Crystal answered. "Who I am is not the issue. However, it's what the consequence for you not showing up will be." the voice replied. "You better tell me who you are..." Crystal said, just now realizing that they hung up. She then received a text- an address. 4560 Blodger Road. Crystal knew that place. It was a park she used to go to while she was a child that nobody went to anymore. "Why would they want to meet here...? Hasn't this place been abandoned for 20 years...?" Crystal questioned herself. She walked up to the gate and opened it. Due to the lights being at least 25 years old, the place was completely dark. But Crystal had come prepared- she had a flashlight, and the taser she was issued with at work. So she was ready. She flicked the flashlight on, and walked along the path until she smelled something delicious. She stopped, looked down, and saw a pie. There was a note under the pie, that read: "Eat the pie, and walk forward."

"Huh." Crystal said as she took a bite of the pie. "Mmm, this is good!" she exclaimed. She finished the pie, walked forward, and there was another pie with another note. This note read: "Eat ALL the pies. Or I'll feed them to you."

Crystal picked up the pie and happily ate it. She continued to walk and eat, walk and eat, walk and eat, until she felt heavier and heavier. Her uniform started to feel tighter and tighter until some of the buttons popped, and the button on her pants shot in a certain direction. "H-Huh?!" she said while blushing. She looked at herself, just now realizing that she had gained quite a bit of weight. She questioned herself if she should keep eating pies. But she wanted more of the taste. So she continued to eat pie.

Soon, Crystal's shirt and pants were way too small to contain her fattening body. Her shirt was wide open, and her pants were almost ripped. She had to take them off so she could breathe again, and she continued to eat pies until she couldn't move anymore. But that didn't stop her from eating more. The man came up to her, crawled on her belly, and started force feeding her with the pies, making her get bigger... and bigger... and bigger... until there were no more pies. Crystal now weighed about 6,984 lbs, and with each movement, her body jiggled. Her stomach growled loudly and gurgled a lot.
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