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Rated: E · Short Story · Animal · #2267102
Millie rescues 'Trigger' from death or maiming.
Millie Thornton
WC 492

Millie Thornton was hiding between her house and a blooming Burning Bush. A metal wind-up horse was crossing the sidewalk in front of her house.

What in the world?

Millie couldn’t believe her eyes. The horse was headed for the street and into traffic. She had to do something, even though the action would expose her to danger. She ran out, scooped up the toy, and hurried back to her hiding place. The horse kicked and bucked until it wound down.

Now what, Trigger?

She couldn’t just leave Trigger behind the bush where no one could find him. A child must be missing him.

But how did he end up in front of my house? Who wound him up?

Millie decided that as soon as night fell, she would sneak over to St. Jude’s and leave Trigger on the doorstep of the church. Catholics always did charitable things.

She was getting hungry, and her legs were cramping up. Millie couldn’t sneak into her house because she no longer had a key. Would she make it until nightfall? And if she did, where would she go?

I’ll figure it out when the time comes. If they find me, I’m a goner.

“Mrs. Thornton?”

The voice was familiar.


Another familiar voice.

“We know you’re hiding behind the Burning Bush, Mom. We saw you come out to rescue Maddie’s horse.”

It’s my granddaughter’s toy. I thought it looked familiar.

“Mom, please.”

Her daughter had wound up Trigger. It was a trick to trap her dear old mother.

I have been betrayed.

Millie pressed herself against the house and held her breath.

“Mrs. Thornton, I don’t want to drag you out, but I will.”

It’s the nasty man from that place.

“Mom, please listen to Mr. Moody.”

“Trigger, what should I do?” she whispered into the mighty steed’s ear.

The horse was mute.

“Not even a whinny, old boy?” she whispered.

Millie had to do something; she couldn’t keep hiding forever. Mr. Moody had a nasty temper and might hurt her as he dragged her out of her hiding place.

Now I have to pee. Blessed bladder.

“Mrs. Thornton, I’m going to count to ten.”

“I didn’t know he could count,” she whispered into Trigger’s ear.

“One, two…”

“Mom, please!”


Millie Thornton emerged from her hiding place clutching the metal horse. Her daughter tried to hug her; Millie pulled away.


“Mom, you ran away. You can’t do that.”

Two men in white coats got out of the van from Camelot Gardens and came toward her.

Millie knew if she put up a fight they would restrain her, so she went willingly.

She whispered in Trigger’s ear, “You be a good boy for my little Maddie.”

Millie Thornton handed the horse to her daughter and got into the van with her two handlers. Her daughter and Mr. Moody followed in his Chevy sedan.

Millie looked back to see her home disappear in the distance.

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