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Hermione gets muscular!
The Auror's magic had filled her up and now she snakes her long neck towards the lake. After a few sips her thirst is quenched and the lake was half drained away while a few mermaids went mysteriously missing. After a long burp she smacks her lips. Her muscles begin to bulge swelling ever larger. The ground cracks under the additional weight of the muscle piling on to her. Soon almost nothing but muscle and chest could be seen on her. The castle now looked like it beloged to a pygmi house elf standing beside one of her massive hind claws. She rubs her forclaws over herself groaning in esotic pleasure as she soaks up the feelings of the growth. She stretches herself lengthwise so as to not poke her head into outer space, then begins to wrap herself around the mountain like a protective mother around her dragon chick's egg.
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