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Contest Entry: A young cleric barely escapes.
Narrow Escape

"You can't fool me, you know," said the half-elf, dagger pressed against the halfling's throat as she crouched in the brush. "I can see you plain as day."

Damn him and his dark vision, thought Skrie. She had just picked the ring out of the dirt and stuffed it in her belt pouch when Illeryl revealed himself.

"I knew you'd come back. I didn't believe you dropped it down a well, and I was right," the fighter said, tightening his grip. "Now, give me the ring."

The cleric reacted. Grabbing a handful of dirt, she flung it behind her with a short incantation. Divine light burst into the darkness, blinding her and her attacker. The dagger moved. Skrie buckled her knees and rolled to the side, taking a deep gash to her shoulder. That hurt!

She darted toward the river some fifty paces to the east and dove into the cold water. The halfling struggled to keep her head above water and forced herself into the swift current. After what seemed like hours, the river spit her out into a pool. Crawling onto the beach, she lay there long enough to catch her breath before climbing into a sturdy oak a few paces in the forest.

Skrie had just settled in and healed the dagger cut when she heard something crash through the forest below. She looked down to see Illeryl following the river, looking for her, she presumed. A while later, he trudged back, muttering to himself.

Wedging herself into the crotch of the tree, Skrie drifted off to dreams of soft beds and warm blankets.

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