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A party for twins means thrice the fuss!
Special Day Times Two

Two bouncing boys, with hearts set on toys,
eye brightly wrapped boxes and bags.
The six year-old guests, decked out in their best,
race ‘round the room shouting tag!

They shriek when the pin for the donkey goes in,
Dad isn’t the place for the tail!
‘Midst laughter and tears, Dad sneaks him a beer,
then baby joins in with a wail.

Cake waits on the table, and soon as she’s able,
Mom herds them like cats to sit down.
Musical chairs, whose friend sits where?
Party hats spangled with clowns.

The twins will compete to get the best seat,
Mom wants a double exposure.
Pleas and a threat get everyone set,
an Insta of perfect composure.

The candles are lit, and burn for a bit,
Nana belts out ‘Happy Birthday’.
Light them again for the opposite twin,
two secret wishes with kid spray.

There’s cake on the rug that’s licked by the pug,
why not go play in the yard?
Guests finally gone, with big sticky yawns,
the sugar high crashes down hard.

The house is a wreck, but hey, what the heck,
the kids had a gallon of fun.
We’ll do it again, Dad says with a grin,
but not til they’re both twenty-one!

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