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Twin terrors, seven-year-old Johnny and Dempsey, visit Grandma Rose.
The Pie Thieves
WC: 292

Grandma Rose had been busy. The roast was in the oven; the pies were cooling on the windowsill.

Her grandchildren were roughhousing in the side yard. She dreaded the moment these seven-year-old twins would come inside and turn her house upside-down.

She loved Johnny and Dempsey, but they were wild and disobedient. Her daughter and son-in-law were extremely permissive; the kids ran circles around them.

Rose would try to discipline them but was stopped at every turn.

“Mom, it’s not your job to reprimand the twins. That is our job!"

‘Grandma’ was moments away from telling her daughter not to bring the boys over for the weekend ever again. Maybe a Sunday afternoon, with both parents present, would work better.

Rose looked out the window; it had gotten quiet in the yard. The twins were nowhere in sight, but she could hear giggles. She noticed the blueberry pie was missing.

“Boys, come inside. Time to eat.”

As they burst through the back door, she realized what had happened to the pie. Both boys had blue teeth and blueberry-stained t-shirts.

“You know kiddos, Grandma has magical powers, as well as a direct line to Santa. Whenever you do something wrong, I know, and I call Santa,” she said. “For instance, I know you stole it.”

“Stole what?” they said in unison.

“The pie. Or, at least, sneaked it from the windowsill without permission. I already called Santa and he has made a black mark next to each of your names. So, get cleaned up, and behave yourselves for the rest of the day or...”

The twins hurried to the bathroom to wash up. They were perfect angels the rest of the day, and from that day forward.

Drastic times call for drastic measures.
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