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It's nice to have brothers and sisters, sometimes.
Let's honor our brothers and sisters
We can take them to a park
We can help them with their homework
or we can draw them a picture of a lark

They might be a little younger
They may not have many toys
But when you play some football
They can be friends with other boys.

Now girls are into fashion
They love to wear neat clothes
They also want to try makeup
And put polish on their toes,

Siblings can be trouble
They might tattle when you do bad
But in the end they are there for you
And those times you will be glad.

A sibling can be your best friend
He or she can fill you with pride
When you go away to college
They will later greet you misty-eyed.

So here's to brothers and sisters
We find that they 're the best
As children grow and then start their own life
We think, "With you, I have been blessed."
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