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The mighty Piccolo meets Avatar Aang and his friends, starts in season two of ATLA.
In this alternative scenario Cell doesn't exist and the Z-Fighters defeated the Androids.

Piccolo one day was walking around and then he saw a wormhole which was so strong that it had sucked him inside. Minutes after entering the wormhole, he comes out and he lands near a camp where three kids and two animals near them siting
outside at night. Piccolo felt very strange not only being in this new world but his power was decreased by an unbelievable amount. The Namekian decided to walk near where the three kids were. One kid had an arrow on top of his head, another had a ponytail with a boomerang at his side, and the girl had a nice dark brown hair style.

The three of them were surprised to see Piccolo.

Aang asked him: Just who are you, mister?

Piccolo said back: My name is Piccolo and I am a Namekian, now tell me where I am I!

Sokka said: What the hell is a Namekian? I never seen anybody who looks like you before you must be some sort of alien. We are in the Earth Kingdom for your information.

Piccolo: Yes, I am from a different world.

Katara asked Piccolo with a smile: Do you want to join us Piccolo?

Piccolo with his cheeks red said: Sure, it's not like I have better things to do.

Piccolo asked them what they were doing.

Katara: We are looking for an earthbending teacher for Aang he is the Avatar and he
is suppose to master all five elements (I took that from Antihero627 on ) to defeat the Firelord the leader of the Fire Nation which seeks to conquer the world.

Piccolo said interested in knowing more about this: What are the five elements called?

Sokka: Air, Water, Earth, Ki, and Fire, Mr. pointy ears. Sokka laugh at the remark he said.

Piccolo with mad look on his face: Pointy ears? Don't make give you lesson you won't forget you ponytail haired brat

He then calmed down and said: ki?!?!?! I know a lot about Ki, so do a lot of people where I come from.

He said in his head: I don't want to be in this place, especially if Ponytail over here is going to make fun of me like that. I wish Goku was here, his instant transmission could take me back home.

Aang said with a surprised and happy expression of his face: Really can you teach me? The last Ki bender was said to have died 50 years ago during an earthquake.

Piccolo said with an annoyed expression: Yes I will teach you about Ki, but I won't go easy on you. With me it's either the hard way or the harder way you pick.

Aang says: I guess I'll go your way Piccolo.

Piccolo with a smiling grin on his face: Good choice, Avatar.

They all had taken a rest.

The next day, the four of them decided to go to the swamp. There they would see illusions. The four of them separated. Aang saw a young blind girl in a dress, Katara saw her mother dead in the water of the swamp, Sokka saw Princess Yue, and Piccolo saw his student Gohan calling for him.

The four of them reunited together along with Momo.

" It's weird, I had seen a blind girl in a dress who was giggling at me." Aang says with a bland expression on his face.

" Yeah I saw my old student, calling for me." Piccolo says.

" I saw Princess Yue, the girl who turned into the Moon, I miss her with ." Sokka said with a sad look.

" I had seen my dead mother in the water, laying there that brought back painful memories, but yet I knew it to be an obvious illusion to me." said Katara.

" Well, let's get going guys." Says Aang when a giant swamp monster showed up in front of them.

What happen's next for them?
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