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A free verse poetry on eternal love.
Once there was a dreary flower

Weary and sad without the power

To face others around the pond

Who constantly looked at it with a scorn

No bee ever came near the flower

All thought its nectar to be sour

It just stood there all alone.

From the world as if torn

Until one day came a handsome bee

The sadness in its eyes he did not see

He came straight for its nectar

As his eyes sparked with cheer and laughter

Overjoyed the flower bloomed

All its surroundings got perfumed

‘I love this nectar’ announced the bee

It’s no doubt the sweetest that can ever be

Everyone was surprised to see

How the flower bloomed with the bee

Their love grew to a great height

They were together all day and night

Then came a stormy night

The hail took the bee down after a tough fight

A valiant soldier, how he fought

To be by his love, with whom he had tied the knot

His last words alone lingered above

‘Until we meet again my love!’

The winds carried his words to the flower

Who was struck by horror

Reminded of the storm before

That had brought the first teary outpour

Grief will heal in time

Everyone was kind

But only the flower knew

What was really true

Slowly it withered and tried

To go on living, without pride

Without its beloved by its side

Until the day of passing arrived

Breathing a sigh of relief came it’s last words,

‘alas we meet again mylove!’

40 lines
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