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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Dark · #2272386
After your sibling encountered tragedy, you realize just how dire everyone's health is....
It was late April 2022, and you were just waking up. You were getting phone calls from your sister. She was both angry and upset because your brother just posted a video of yet another trip he made to the Zoo. She gets worked up and starts talking about how he is probably down at the Zoo, not just taking pictures and videos of the animals, but is probably doing drugs as well since the Zoo is in a bad part of town. As she goes on her tirade, she said she started to feel funny. She then feel her hands trembling and she begun to feel funny. She then hangs up the phone before rushing out. About an hour or two later, you get a text from her, saying that she is in a hospital. You go into a panic and drive to the hospital. You go inside and see your sister in a hospital bed. Apparently, she has suffered a stroke along with Sepsis. You begin to panic as these are very dangerous medical conditions that can get deadly, real fast! You talk with your sister for a bit before you leave the hospital.

After you leave the hospital, you decided to pay your family doctor a visit about it. Your family doctor is an old man in a typical doctor's outfit. Sure, his office doesn't have "high tech" medical equipment, but he is quite skilled for a rural doctor.

He asks about what happened with your sister and you tell him about how she had a stroke and has Sepsis. Your doctor asks how old she is and you tell her in her mid to late thirties. Your doctor gets baffled and asks how old again and you tell him the same answer. He then brings up the incident where you went to get colonoscopy and it was discovered that you nearly developed colon cancer. Your doctor then says "Listen, I don't mind being a doctor for your family. I like treating you all and I love you all to death, but if you all want to live a long, happy life, then some major changes need to be made and fast! For starters, your sister needs to stop smoking about two packs a day to not only help with her dental health, but to help clear out her system. And as for you good sir, you need to pull the plug on your 'near daily' trips to McDonald's! This will not only help with your diabetes, but with your hernia as well and..."

At that point, you feel your blood boiling to the point of it getting red hot! You wanted to just get up and punch the old quack! But instead, just sat there and nodded your head as the doctor continued to talk. You really weren't too keen on going back to jail so soon. Especially considering that you are still dealing with some legal shit involving your arrest at the International Movie Theater over false allegations of you trying to pirate a film!

After you leave the doctor's office, you head back home to your girlfriend and kids to tell them the bad news about your sister...
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