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by Ben
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Only one among the three brothers fights against all odds

Amid the Scenic River, there is a mansion with a commodious lawn at the front and lung space in its environs.The house is fully furnished with floral wall paintings and marble flooring. The drawing room is roomy with high ceilings consisting of overhead chandeliers encompassing 4-5 light bulbs for good lighting. The dining hall is ventilated and is equipped with wooden cupboards endowed with shelves for keeping plates and spoons. Adjacent to the dining hall is a balcony for a backyard view. The bedroom beside the dining hall is small and square with elegant wind chimes hanging overhead. So in a nutshell, a wonderful house for people to reside in and explore the beauty of nature.

Three hundred meters to the north of this house lay a bewitching river. Flowering plants (Rose, Chamomile, Chrysanthemum, and others), Shrubs, and the lush green vegetation in its milieu make this water body a cynosure of this tranquil spot.

The house is situated seventy-five kilometers away from the main city of Buckingham in a serene locality with no immediate houses in its neighborhood. Moreover, the dimming street lights and the eerie silence at night fill the aura with no less than terror.

For almost sixteen years i.e. from 1930 to 1946, the house is left vacant due to its gothic architecture and location. It is only after sixteen years, i.e. in February 1947 at half-past eleven, three brothers of British origin, namely Richard, Mac, and Donald step into that house to blot out the bitter memories of their parent's death for one month.

But what factors compelled these trio to step into this place?

On September 20, 1946, at six in the evening, these trios' parents die in a car accident in Buckingham. This incident sinks them into the slough of despondence for weeks. So the brothers take respite from their work and come to this peaceful place.

Richard, 34, is a Physics professor, Mac, 33, is a Botany professor, and Donald, the youngest among the three, 31 is a Psychologist by profession. Richard and Mac are employed as professors in one of the reputable colleges of the UK while Donald runs his clinic.

Mac is studious and inquisitive by nature but moody at times. Richard is dynamic and bold by nature but too rational in his perception. Donald is intellectual and smart by nature but skeptical even on unnecessary aspects.

With an air of infinite reluctance, Donald casts suspicion on entering that house akin to his nature. He strongly feels that the house is unsuitable for a prolonged stay. On the contrary Mac and Richard consider the house as a perfect stay for mental relaxation.

It is on February 12, 1947, on Sunday at seven in the morning when Mac adjourns for a walk. Richard and Donald are busy with household work.

While pursuing a walk, the pulchritude of flowers and shrubs around the river catches his attention and as a Botanist, he runs towards the riverside to take a gander at those wondrous features. This is his last sight and thereafter, he never returns home.

Donald and Richard eagerly wait for Mac's comeback so that together they can have breakfast. But despite waiting till half-past ten, when Mac doesn't show up at the house, a trace of suspicion develops in Donald's mind and he tells Richard that they should begin hunting for the latter.

Richard: Hope, he is on the way towards home, so let us not panic and do our work.

Donald: But it has been more than three hours since he left the home for his morning walk.

Richard: I daresay that he might have gone towards the riverside, isn't he?

Donald: Right, as a plant-enthusiast, he might have visited over there to study the characteristics of plants.

Richard: Then let's move towards the wharf to ferret out evidence if any we could?

Donald: Sure, this would be a good idea!

Richard and Donald come over to the riverbank to have a butcher's.

Richard: But nothing is insight here, except shrubs, grasses, and greenery in the surroundings.

Donald: Yes, there is pin-drop silence here! Then where did he disappear all of a sudden?

Richard: How could I tell? You know that we due are on the same mission now.

Donald: Shall we intimate the cops about the issue then?

Richard: Cops! No, they will make fun of us, and also they will be reluctant to entertain our complaint as we don't have firm evidence to prove his disappearance.

Donald: Okay, got your point, now don't be taken back if I say that the evil forces are culpable for his vanish!

Richard: Evil forces? My foot! Being educated, how can you talk like that?

Donald: Let you rebuke me, I don't mind, but I strongly feel something has happened to him.

Richard: Donald, the blinkering attitude of yours like a rustic fellow has not withered. Yes, evil forces are born to kill us only as they don't have any other vocation!

Donald: Richard, I am a psychologist by profession and my sixth sense never misguides me.

Richard: That's why I told you to choose subjects like Maths or Physics instead of Psychology for graduation but you did not listen to me. Now see, you are becoming mad.

Donald: Blimey! You can call me an insane person, I will not mind but I will prove my myself that my intuition is right.

Richard: Okay, leave that discussion aside and suggest any alternative option to solve this problem.

Donald: I have seen a church on the hillside barely two kilometers to the northwest of this river. Why don't we discuss this issue with Father and seek his help?

Richard: Donald, we are under the cosh now, and do you think it is proper on our part to bother a religious person of respectable appearance?

Donald: Do we have alternative options barring this?

Richard: Fine, let us go to the church and try our luck.

Both of them head to the church located on the hillside (two kilometers away from the river )to seek the help of the priest.

The Priest of the Church is intuitive and caring by nature but is idealistic in his thoughts.

Richard: Donald, the weather is a bit nippy here, what do you say?

Donald: Yes Richard, you are right. At our place, it's always warm and cheesed off even at night.

Father: Good morning children, how are you?

Donald: Good morning Father.

Father: Is everything hunky-dory?

Richard: No Father. We are in deep trouble as our brother Mac went missing a couple of hours back.

Father: Missing, strange to hear! How did this happen?

Donald: Father, he went for a casual walk along the riverside, and did not return home thereafter.

Father: At what time did he leave the house for a walk?

Richard: At seven in the morning.

Father: Now the time is half-past twelve. I feel there is some problem. By the way, where are you people stationed- in?

Donald: We are stationed at a mansion located in the close vicinity of a river, Father.

Father: Mansion in this locality? My goodness! Okay, let us go to the riverbank.

Richard: Sure, Father. Hope we will locate Mac shortly.

Father: How far is your house from this church?

Donald: Two kilometers to the southeast from here.

Richard: After the death of our parents last year, we trio were sunken into a state of hopeless depression and weren't able to concentrate on our work properly.

Donald: So we decided why not beat the banality of life and refresh our minds for a couple of days.

Father: How did you trio come to this place and under whose advice did you step into that house?

Richard: One of my colleagues suggested we visit this place for peace of mind. Accordingly, we stepped in and landed in quandary.

Father: Dear children, my house is close to the church and I have been living there for the yonks. But to your surprise, this is the first time I am visiting this place!

Richard: Father, could you please tell us elaborately what exactly is happening with us?

Father: Richard, answer my question, is the door of the house bolted or unbolted from the outside?

Donald: According to the best of my remembrances, the door was unbolted.

Father: Good. Dear children, I will answer all your questions once we hit the riverbank.

The three finally reach the wharf to take stock of the situation.

Father: Why it is so sultry here, especially in the winter season? Before our arrival here, the weather was chilling and pleasant.

Richard: Father, even we felt the same.

Father: Nothing seems to be rosy here. There is a drastic change in the weather and also this place is very grisly.

Donald: I told Richard the same thing but he didn't believe me.

Richard: Come on Donald, talks about evil forces are just a load of codswallop to me and nothing else.

Father: Dear children, stop quarelling. Let me connect to the lord before I come out with some solution.

Donald: Okay Father, we will comfort ourselves under some tree till you finish your prayer.

Father: I will get back to you people shortly.

The priest standing on the river shore turns eastward and begins his prayer.

Both the brothers flex their legs under the tree and take a nap out of haggardness.

After twenty minutes, the Father opens his eyes and turns himself in a southward direction from an eastward direction. His heart beats at a rapid rate; excessive sweat slides down from the head, hands and legs tremble, eyes turn upward, and blood oozes from the nose. He yells and outstretches his hand for help. On hearing his cry, Donald and Richard wake up jerking and speed up towards him to take the hold of his arm.

Richard: Father, what happened to you?

Father: Dear children. Let us speed up to the church without wasting much time.

Donald: Is there any serious problem?

Father: Donald, I will explain everything once we are into the church.

Donald: Father, we are anxious to hear about our brother's fate.

The three clamber up the hillside and reach the church.

Richard: Father, please don't keep us in suspense anymore. I request you to openly tell us what exactly is the problem and where is Mac?

Father: Dear children, I am sorry to say that the place where you people stay is haunted!

Donald: Father, could u please come again?

Father: The place is haunted by an evil force!

Richard: I can't Adam and Eve it! Do evil forces still exist and hold sway over humans?

Father: Yes indubitably, these forces exist and are so powerful that they could stretch to any compass to kill the humans.

Richard: It means we have foisted trouble for ourselves by coming over to this riverside!

Father: Yes, children, we have to be very careful now!

Donald: Right from the beginning I have been telling Richard that something might have happened to our brother Mac but he brushed my talks aside.

Father: It's okay, let's cut the palaver and plunge into action immediately.

Donald: Father, has the Mac been nailed to death?

Father: Yes, beyond all question he is no more.

Donald: Burst into cries! Wish we shouldn’t have come over to this place.

Richard: Still your statements are unpalatable to me! I feel Mac might have gone somewhere and will return home shortly.

Father: Dear Richard, truth is always bitter and we have to accept it.

Richard: Stands still! I don't know what to say? Could we stop this from happening?

Father: May or may not be! But let me admonish you that the storm has arrived! So my best suggestion is to rescue yourself from there before the time catches you.

Richard: Father, we will see the end of the evil force who had killed our brother, Mac, and then step out from there.

Donald: Yes, Father. Mac was our dearest brother and we can't leave that place without taking vengeance against that monster.

Father: Okay, children, if you have decided to take action against that evil force fearlessly, then the lord's blessings are there with you!

Donald: Thank you, Father!

Father: One more thing, keep this rosary necklace, holy water can, and metallic cross along with you all the time.

Donald: Assuredly, we will keep these sacred things along with us.

Father: God bless you both!

Donald and Richard take a by-pass route (through the woods) and reach home safely rather travelling along the riverside and risking their lives.

Richard: Donald, I forgot my sacred possessions at church. So I need to go back and get them at the earliest.

Donald: Brother, I would like to accompany you.

Richard: No botheration, Donald. Don't worry about me, I will be back in half an hour.

Donald: Okay, as your wish, but be careful and take the by-pass route only.

Richard: Sure, brother. We will have our dinner together and then head to the riverbank to see that rogue's end.

Donald and Richard hug each other affectionately. Richard parts from him and makes his way to the church.

Despite waiting for two hours when Richard doesn't show up at home, Donald races to the church to inquire about his brother.

Father: What happened Donald, is there any problem again?

Donald: Father, Richard told me that he forgot his sacred possessions here and will come to collect them.

Father: No, Donald, Richard did not come here. Yes, he did forget.

Donald: Shocked Where he might have gone then?

Father: Do one thing, go to the wharf and check there once.

Donald: I told him to take a route through the woods.

Father: Don't worry, nothing might have happened to him. Just go there and glance across the river.

Donald: Sure, Father. With the lord's grace, I hope everything is fine.

Father: Yes, my child. Go fast and get your brother.

After fifteen minutes, Donald reaches the riverside and arches his eyebrows on seeing Richards' body floating in the river. The splatter of blood on the water freezes him for a few seconds.

Donald cries, shouts, and bangs his head on the tree trunk. He swims into the river, takes out his body, and buries him at burial grounds located five hundred meters eastward from the riverside.

The dejected Donald returns home with dampened spirits .and falls asleep out of haggardness in his bedroom.

Ten at night post his retirement for the day, the fuse blows off, the lamps explode, household items strew all over the floor, fog accumulates on the glass window of his house, and bizarre sounds reverberate off the walls.

Donald wakes up and spirals out of control on seeing all these, and laments for being in a helpless state. In course of time, he contains himself by praying to the lord and chanting with the beads of the rosary necklace to hit the hay happily.


Donald languidly gets up at half-past seven in the morning and takes a glance at his surroundings but finds nothing dodgy.

The morning appears to be refreshing and warm with birds chattering, rays of the sun falling slant on windows illuminating the aura of his house.

But he knows well that when the clock strikes 10 at night, things will turn topsy-turvy eliciting an array of terrifying incidents.

Would I ever end this problem? In a trembling voice, says this to himself and goes to church again to meet the priest.

Donald: Good morning, Father.

Father: Good morning Donald. Where is Richard?

Donald: Father, I am saddened to tell you that my other brother Richard is no more.

Father: Shocked to hear! When did this happen?

Donald: Yesterday night. When I went to the riverside, I saw his body floating in the river.

Father: I am brassed off on hearing this!

Donald: Now, what best I can do to protect myself from this evil force?

Father: Do one thing, head onto the riverbank again and relentlessly search for some clue at places in its vicinity because the river is the only eye of the storm for all such evil happenings.

Donald: Sure father, I too feel that there is some unknown evil force hiding around the riverside.

Father: Yes, that's hundred percent true. All the road, I wish you all success in your endeavors!

Donald: Thank you, Father.

Father: But remember, whichever evidence you gather along the riverside, it should be with you and don't hand over it to anyone!

Donald: Assuredly, I will keep that evidence along with me only.

Father: Fine! Hit the river bank.

Donald departs from the church to the bank of the river on the advice of the priest with a last ray of hope to ferret out for a clue again, but the shadow of bad luck chases him and he finds none.

A few minutes later, he sees a blue-coloured metal box shining in the middle of the bushes. He picks it up and brings home surreptitiously.

He opens the box with alacrity but finds nothing inside except a mirror piece.

The moment he enters the bedroom from his drawing-room, he sees the apparition of a dark ugly Wizard. His blood runs cold and with a loud cry leaps out of the home picking up the box.

Donald: Shudders! Who are you?

Wizard: I am the same, whom you have been eagerly searching for since the death of your dearest ones. Now get ready, it's your turn to meet your brothers in the sky.

Donald: No I won't let you take my life.

Wizard: Some dreams never turn true.

Donald: I will die a second later after I nail you to death.

Wizard: Don't worry, I am endowed with enormous mystic powers and no human can dare to kill me.

Donald: What do you want to say exactly?

Wizard: You have opened a Pandora’s Box! The box which you brought along with you is the one fabricated by me so that any person who opens it will see the hell.

Donald: So you hide in the box?

Wizard: Yes, and human beings with normal senses cannot perceive my activities.

Donald: Wish I should have left that box there itself.

Wizard: Laughs! You have "crossed the Rubicon". Prepare yourself to depart from this earth forever.

Donald: You are right, my death is certain at your hands.

The Wizard casts a spell and summons a gigantic monster to attack Donald, but this dreadful creature dies on the spot as soon as it nears to attack him.

Donald: Bursts into laughing! I will stand in front of you without moving an inch backward. Kill me if u can?

Donald knows well that the Wizard can’t kill him as long as the rosary neck is around his neck. So with aplomb, he stands in front of him holding the box in his hand.

A few minutes later, Donald loses his balance and slips down due to which the beads of the rosary necklace scatter on the ground and the box slithers from his grasp onto the ground.

Wizard: I know that you are wearing a rosary necklace around your neck and it's difficult to kill you, So I spilled a grease under your feet indiscernibly.

Donald: You compassed a wonderful machination to kill me but still you cant succeed.

Wizard: Time will only reveal who will succeed or fail in this war?

Donald: That's true! How did you kill my eldest brother Mac?

Wizard: As usual, Mac came here and opened the box. He touched the shining mirror piece presuming it to be a silver coating which is actually cutlery and got his fingers cut and died on spot.

Donald: I don't know whether today is my last day or not? But definitely is yours!

Wizard: Laughs hysterically!

Donald: Did Richard come over to the riverside?

Wizard: Yes, he came to the riverbank to see my end but himself kicked the bucket in no time.

Donald: You are disgusting and cruel to the core!

Wizard: Yes, I am a beast and this entire locality is mine. Whoever dares to step in here will meet the same fate as your brothers and you.

Donald: I am not yet laid to rest, so stop predicting my future.

Wizard: You are terribly wounded and just one foot in the grave.

Donald: How did you kill my other elder brother, Richard?

Wizard: Richard? He met the same fate as similar to that of Mac.

Donald: Then, why didn't you finish me?

Wizard: Because you didn't touch the mirror piece, so luckily you rescued yourself from the death. So, I physically came out of the box to slain you.

Donald: Okay, I will not touch the cutlery but play with it. Do whatever you want?

Wizard: Laughs with a hint of uncontrol in the sound! See you in the next birth.

Donald: Yes, see me in the next birth.

Donald gets up and takes out the holy water can from his pant pocket and sprinkles it on the mirror piece.

The Wizard's body cracks and leans forward.

Wizard: What are you doing? I am struggling to stand erect!

Donald: Don't worry; I will help you to regain your posture.

Saying this to the Wizard, he pours the holy water in its entirety on the mirror piece due to which the box catches fire and the Wizard's body crumbles into pieces.

Donald takes a deep breath and evacuates from there forever.
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