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Rated: E · Fiction · Contest Entry · #2272744
05.10.2022 Daily Flash Fiction Challenge. Includes the words: hotel, letter, camera
The hotel is abandoned.
They frown at the gate, idly read through the warnings and demolition plans as they try to figure out what they were going to do. They flick their eyes to the letter, reads the neat print once again before glancing back at the rotting building.

There is someone waiting for you. You're it.

They didn’t really know what the letter could mean; they had spent more than half their life making sure that people didn’t wait for them. But the letter had sat on their counter for over a week, bleeding curiousity and nervous anxiety through them every day.
They sigh, tucking the letter back into their pocket before giving the area a once over. Nothing moves in this part of town, the hotel more than fitting in with the rest of the abandoned slums pushed away from the City’s glamour.
They easily get over the gate, eyes roaming over the grounds as they try to make out if any person is hiding. It would be one thing if someone is actually waiting for them, but it is another if she ends up coming face to face with a squatter who wanted to fight for their stolen property.
They don’t even reach the front door when they hear it; the familiar noise of a camera shutter going off, a tiny flash in the corner of their eye that comes with the flash.
They blink, immediately turning to where the noise and light came from, finds nothing but an old tree. They almost turn away, taking in the roots and the bark and the trunk, already shifting away before they stop and glance up, into the branches.
The child freezes as their eyes meet, and they give the little thing a small smile.
“Found you.”
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