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Being alone in life can be a gift. I draw from the unique experience. God lights the way.
I walk this life alone but a few people here and there
It seems to be a crime to wonder and even to share a care.

Long walks in the morning to work, wishing I was asleep
This life is hard and dreams are faded but God I keep.

Alone in the mist at dawn, alone in the halls.
I know I am ok because survival calls.

In the security of being alone comes the thrill of the night
In the security of being different comes the angels of light.

If you feel alone without her, remember her spirit is everywhere
Still love her, still think of her and dwell in memories with a special flair.

No one asked for life, no one even knew
But now I am given this world, I give it all to you.

Pray from time to time, he listens, he hears
In the cloudy morning I am just full of tears.

For I know of the worlds pain
Everybody cries in the rain.

Be proud to be different, be proud to be alone
Take comfort in solitude, my heart will be a home.

Oh to be alone, oh to be silent
The storms may come and they may be violent.

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