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by fyn
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...that you ever dreamed you could be.

You've gone inside your shell,
pulled the walls in close as hell,
shut and locked the door.
Overwhelmed, you think that you can't cope,
burrowing down, shutting down on hope---
but I tell you: You are More.

No, I can't see inside your head,
I can't see how much you dread,
I can't tell you how to make it go away.
Yes, I've seen the tears you cry
and I've heard you screaming 'why?'
but for a moment, listen to what I say.

Listen to the silence wrapped around your soul,
look inside the darkness; there's a light that makes you whole.
That light beams out of you in sparkles,
take off the blinders and you'll see--
You are the answer to the question
and you are all you need to be!

Even birth begins with blood and pain,
helpless to survive alone--
take the hand to help you soar--
Many things create a home,
build new rooms, new blood, new bone--
open your windows; let the light find your core.

Don't sell yourself short, come, walk in the sun.
Take those first steps and soon, you will run.
The threads that you are feeling, knots too big to ignore
can be unraveled and rewoven: create a new tapestry.
Only you can shake the wrinkles out, and chart your destiny.
Please know you are everything ... and More.

You don't need to be the greatest. You don't need to be the best.
You don't need to rule the entire world, or ace every single test.
You are enough when you are just yourself -- and you go at life full-bore.
You just need to give yourself some credit and do yourself proud.
You do you and don't worry about the crowd.
You have something they haven't got! For you have More.

More than you realize, more than you know,
more than you see and far more than you show.
Don't give up on you, keep digging, I implore.
Set your own bar, you've so much to gain,
slowly and surely, life can blot out the pain.
You are stellar, you are worthy, and my friend, you are More.

You are stellar. You are worthy
and my friend,
you are More.


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