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poem about starting over

It can be hard, it can be tough
I walk alone; I’m at peace when I’m on my own
Chasing that high can be a lonely road
Sometimes I look back and think look how far I’ve come
All the tough times, all the cold nights
Every battle lost or won proves you are still in the fight.
If you lost at least you are still trying, never give up
I learned to fight alone, it made me strong
You aren’t weak if you cry
The tears will dry, they will disappear
And you will rise again.
Rise you will, trust me I know this is true.
Walk alone, walk alone.
You can only really rely on one person, you.
You alone need to separate all negativity from your life.
Only positive thoughts from here on in,
Alone in my head, alone in my heart, but at peace is a good place to start.
You need to love yourself, before you can love again,
Never settle for less than you deserve.
Good things are on the way. It’s ok to be on your own
This journey made me strong because I walk alone.
Alone is fine as long as you are alive and ready to battle
But you’re not alone, people are there, just reach out, and you will not be alone anymore.
One hand is all you need to grab onto and everything will be ok.
If you’re not yet ready to trust a living being, trust the spiritual one.
Even if you don’t take mine, Jesus will take yours.
He will guide you on the right path, the path that leads to health and love and everything else you desire, just have faith and take the walk with us.
Neither will let you down I promise as long as you seek us we will both be there for you.

-Rob Henderson

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