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Lots of people around, yet all alone. Try to hide but the only place safe is in my head, wow not even close, only thing there is a world where confusion and torture brew, I try to stay true to myself but depression takes me by the hand and has a better plan. Laughter and smiles never seem to last, happiness eludes me as always. People say you don’t look depressed, well what does depression look like? I reply. Screaming for help, does anyone hear the demons inside me are yelling back very clear, they echo in my head all day long breaking the man who once was strong. Will peace and quiet ever live inside me again? To exit this life is an easy solution but too scared to be alone. Too tired to shed another tear, when will happiness ever come back, this I fear. Can’t tell what's fact or fiction. What will it take to get me right? A visit from the devil on a cold and lonely night, Still some fight left in me I say, I’m not going anywhere just yet.. Stand my ground and try to stick around one more day, now there is another person in my head “never give up”, is this an angel I ask, why do you want me to stay alive. Good vs evil inside this mind. Who is going to win this game inside of my brain, I don’t care as long as there is no more pain. Will I find peace or fall down in shame, this is a sick game. I do choose to win, but do fear I will eventually lose the battle. Lots of people around, yet very alone inside this head of mine.

-Rob Henderson

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