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Just what we do.

He wears the hats of
the USS Arizona, the USS Missouri or
Old Ironsides; not because he served,
but because I did.

He will shake the hand
of any veteran he sees.
Yes, to appreciate them,
but also because
everyone who serves
has their brother's back--
any one of them
might have had mine.

We always buy
the meal for the first veteran
and friend or family
we see when out for breakfast
or lunch or dinner.
No discussion, even if (at times)
it meant we ate less.
It is a given. A little thing,
perhaps --but there cannot be
enough appreciation.

We never pass by a veteran
who's hit harder times,
is homeless or simply needs
a break. Brothers.
No matter what.

We took an oath.
Defend and protect.
I may have a DD-214,
but no one has ever relieved
any of us of our duty.

So many never made it home,
those who do and did,
we remember.
And we owe every single one
who did not.
Duty to honor them all.

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