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Did you know everyone will live forever it’s just a matter of where

We have learned in our world that it’s all about location
From where we live, to where we work
No one wants to be in a crumby location
We want that prime real estate
We want the best location, the best parking spot or what the point right
What if I told you ,you will live forever somewhere
Yes truly the bridge to forever seems to be death
You have to die and leave this world behind
For some this will be great, for others not so kind or great
You will then wake up in eternity
You will stand before that great judge
Yes God himself will decide you fate
You will not be able to fudge
You will be rewarded based on what you did on earth
A verdict will be read and you will be judged accordingly
Heaven or Hell the choice was yours
Now however you will just be receiving that choice
That choice is based on your decision for Christ
Are you for or against him it’s as simple as that
Did you live for him or not
Did you give yourself totally to him
You will be getting your location forever and ever
You will have that location forever more and there will be no escape
Heaven there’s no really reason to escape it’s like the greatest paradise ever
It’s prime real estate
Hell is like the worst Hood ever with darkness and fire
There it will be fully understood that you made a mistake however it will be to late
Location, location where will yours be because it’s truly everything.

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