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for DWG flash fiction contest June'22
Christmas is celebrated as the birth of Christ. But in two thousand years couldn’t we have the day a bit off? I mean the calendar system has been fooled around with many times. What if Christ’s birthday was in September or March? What if it were New Years day when everyone was splashed off their gourd?

Here is my idea of celebrating Christmas on a non-traditional way. First we should have him a birthday cake. Something nice and decadent but not too sinful, a simple black forest cake perhaps. Otherwise simple foods served on simple dishes to celebrate Christ’s life as a carpenter.

Presents are good but not things like video games and toys. Simple gifts to celebrate the gift Christ brings us all, new life. The presents should be things like sprouting plants, kittens or ducklings and other baby animals. They would be wrapped up in blankets rather than wrapping paper. Paper is so wasteful and the blankets could be a part of the present too. Something to symbolize Christ’s love and protection. It would all be wound up with family hugs and affection celebrating everything Christ offers us all.

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