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Came up with title out of the blue. Found it to be interesting.
Nonfeasance is the omission of some act that ought to have been performed. (Webster's Encyclopedic Unabridged Dictionary of the English Language).

Laughable, silly jokes come out of the blue, at the spur of the moment. They had you laughing, even when they weren't planned. I try to remember what's been said, but it doesn't come back to me.

Being on a natural high, without any drugs or alcohol being used, I try to be a comedian by acting goofy. My acting got everyone to smile; it made their day a bit brighter. I should've done a repeat performance, but I didn't do it. Why? If I would've been considered as a clown, would I have been afraid?

Because it doesn't happen often, I'm amazed when it come out funny. I've been told to write my jokes down, but, I didn't have any paper at the time.

My aunt couldn't remember the punch line, but she was great at telling jokes. When that happened, everyone thought it was funny.

I'm not showing my talent, but I'm great at playing an instrument. Perhaps I'm too shy to have others hear it. The talent was wasted because of the nonfeasance.

You saw someone surfing on the beach. He/she was riding the waves extremely well. You would've thought that this person was a professional, like an actor/actress in the movies. Because a lot of people haven't seen his/her performance, this was another act of nonfeasance.

Doing tricks that only dolphins know how to do, a school of dolphins were jumping out of the water. Put yourself in an interesting place to redemise the fact that you're intelligent enough to know how to master your smart brain. These dolphins, then, would have a nifty nonfeasance.

Delighting the intuitive mind with whimsical phrases, lets you know that your imaginary, creative voice can stimulate your thought processes enough to make you want to write. A nifty, sentimental nonfeasance can jeopardize the wonderful talent that you've got, so be sure to submit your writing.

Book wormers stick their necks out to learn ways of opportunity. To better understand the meanings of words, the knowledge of them can be intriging. Words can be fun for learning new experiences; the spelling can be different, but, there's enough difference that they can be interesting.

Viewing the enormous beauty that God has created, you begin to see things more clearly. To pinpoint the exact nature as to why this happens, you need to take a brief minute to examine the sweetness of a birds song. Then, take a good look at the mountain heights, and see how the beauty of the ranges extends itself to new proportions. An array of goodness makes your senses aware of beautiful things, like what snow-capped peaks can bring. The essence of your heart is touched; it doesn't do anything that would harm or hurt you in any way. Showing loving kindness every day, the love you have for that sweetheart of a man, is magnified by the love you have for that special human being.

Longevity can be increased with songs of joy, to restore the dignity that's been lost so long. When desired hope is instilled, something good is bound to happen soon. The requirement for faith is to have a stronghold for something that you cannot see.

Making it delicious enough to want an extra bite, stirring the pot with love can put joy into a meal; consistency develops rather quickly. No matter what people think about you, you know the course that makes you the way you are, and, with that, the road you travel on will make you far better equipped to make right decisions on the journey of existence. This is the recipe for a better life.

Having nifty, nonfesance sentiments, can take a doomed relationship and turn it around to make it the one worth keeping. By putting forth the effort, a better relationship can thrive when circumstances change.

A clever way of elevating those performing acts of intelligence that paved the way for you to be who you are, in a most glamorous and inspiring way, the omission of acts that should've been performed, is a nifty, nonfeasance sentiment.

Written by Anna Marie Carlson
Friday, July 8, 2022
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