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A mother confronts her son.
Ask Me No Question…
I’ll Tell You No Lies
WC 217

I sit down across from him at the kitchen table and look him square in the eyes.

“Do you swear to tell the truth?” I ask.

Dempsey has that look on his face when he's fibbing. I don't think he knows he has a ‘tell’, but he does. His cute little nose gets all twitchy, his baby blue eyes flit from side to side, and he gets all squirmy in his chair.

“The whole truth?”

“Yes, sweet pea, the whole truth!”

“And nothing but the truth?” he asks, buying time.

The consequences this time will not be pleasant; he has been warned. I know he's only seven, but actions have consequences, and if he is lying, a time-out is in order.

“Correct! Nothing but the truth, young man!”

An eternity goes by...

Finally, he says, “Yes, I do.”

“You do what?”

“I swear.”

“You swear to tell the truth?”

“Yes.” He fights to hold back his tears.

My eyes well up.

“I did not eat the last piece of blueberry pie, Mommy!” he says as he wipes the blueberry filling from the corners of his mouth. “Dash. Dot!”

“Cross your heart?”

“Cross my heart!”

Then Dempsey flashes his angelic smile; it melts me every time.

Now what?

Any suggestions Dear Readers?
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