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by Norman
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They're all just fantasy.
Gremlins and ghosts, goblins and trolls,
they’re all just fantasy.
Those creatures are not walking ‘round,
I think that you’ll agree.

But what if they are really real?
Hey, what if I am wrong?
Yeah, what if there is still some place
where these things do belong?

Yeah, what if they are hanging out
in some convenient port?
Just waiting for the moment when
they’ll play their evil sport.

And what if they are even worse,
more scary then we thought?
It goes against our common sense
and all that we were taught.

But there are nights when I hear sounds
and thunder of some sort.
Like they are banging on their drums
while holding their high court.

And what if they got in my house
and crawled beneath my bed.
Yeah, in my heart I know they're fake
but tell that to my head.

But I am really tired now,
I just can’t stay awake.
I’ll close my eyes and go to sleep,
maybe a big mistake.

For if those creatures do exist,
and if they come at night,
then they can chew on my big toe
‘cause I’m too weak to fight.

Gremlins and goblins, ogres and trolls.
Yeah, right.
Nighty night.

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