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Sam Adams was at his UFO club in Berkeley, California. He had founded the club after retiring from the Cosmos Institute where he had investigated paranormal phenomena for almost 30 years. During that time, he never met a space alien and thought that most stories about space alien encounters were nonsense. He had heard rumors of what was happening at area 51so he was not 100 percent sure.

His bar was a UFO-themed bar complete with pictures of aliens, alien soundtracks, and weekly meetings of Bay Area UFO nuts. He had signs everywhere, “ Space Aliens Drink for Free”

One night, he had just come from the store, having bought some tools to fix the lights and was standing on the stairs, when his girlfriend Maria Lee came in and said

“you’ll never believe this.”

Sam looked at her and asked her to explain. She said that three men claimed to be aliens and they might be the real deal.

“Really, can they prove it?’

“I believe them”

“You know that is not how this works. They have to prove it.”

“Hey, stop arguing with me and meet them.”


He met the three strangers, who were dressed in old-fashioned suits. Two were men and one a woman. They had a pan-ethnic look that could be anything but they had a slightly strange look about them, not entirely human.

He said,

“hi there. If you want the free drinks, you have to prove your claims. No one has redeemed the free drinks since we opened five years ago.”

“Will this do it?.” One of the men said, morphing into the figure of Trump, the others turning into Putin and the woman turning into Ivanka Trump.

Sam laughed and said,

“have a drink. Tell me where you are from?”

Prompt for 8/11
Write a story that includes the line: “Stop arguing with me.”
Prompt for 8/10

Write a story that includes the line: “You’ll never believe this!”

Write a story that includes the words: stairs, tools, store

Prompt for 8/8
Write a story that includes the line: "That's not how it works."!

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