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Big Al, the People's Pal for Daily Flash
Big Al the People's Pal

Big Al Alfonso Wilson was about to announce his candidacy for President. But first, he had to meet his attorneys. Big Al was a tall, big man who believed in telling it like it was, and letting chips fall where they may. He was a no nonsense politician from a political family. His father was the former governor, his uncle the former mayor, and his son worked for CNN. He was used to winning and, had never lost an election since high school. He was a populist with a big bleeding heart and was a natural-born politician unlike anyone else. He also knew how to play down and dirty. He knew that his opponents would stop at nothing to derail his campaign.

He put on a silk lucky tie, found his cigarette lighter, lit his cigarette, drank some coffee, finished his fast food lunch, then walked into the room.He looked at the attorneys in the room dipping disdain and loudly proclaimed his innocence saying

“You can’t prove a thing”

And smiled, daring them to challenge him.

The attorneys looked at him and backed down. He agreed to issue a statement in which he would accuse his opponents of being in the pay of sinister foreign forces and were engaged in nothing but political vendettas to derail the campaign of the “the People’s Pal.”

He was the master of the fake populist slogan and also knew his opponents knew where the bones were buried so to speak. Big Al went on the offensive, challenging his opponents to a political duel he knew he would win.

In the end, they backed down. and he went on to win the election as he knew he would, for he knew he was “the people’s Pal.”

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